Commish of all leagues for 2003 shall be Brian Hulett; all leagues will be managed through software. Should Mr. Hulett become unable to perform his duties adequately, someone else may be assigned to commish one or more leagues, as the need arises. Beginning in 2004 Terry “TC” Cannon will be Commish of these leagues.

Commish duties in preseason shall be: To notify each owner of league ownership, drafting info, specific scoring rules, and other pertinent details; To supply reports of the previous year’s NFL stats, formatted in each league’s specific scoring; To conduct the draft and periodically supply the owners with draft summaries, lists of available veteran players, and roster reports; To rule on any dispute that may arise, and amend the league rules as necessary.

The Commissioner’s ruling is final in all matters. If two or more owners should dispute a ruling, the Commissioner may poll at least three other owners in the league on the matter, and may reverse his ruling if a 60% majority of the consulting owners would agree with the disputing owners. (In the issue of a disputed trade, at least three owners in another league(s) will be consulted in like manner.) Should the integrity of the office of Commissioner become compromised through possible conflicts of interest, someone else may assist or be assigned as league Commish, as the need arises.

Commish duties during the season shall be: To collect starting lineups from each owner and track the resulting scores; To notify the league’s owners of each week’s results, and the league standings each week; To oversee each league’s weekly waiver wire and award players thereby; To declare a champion and runner-up in each league, in accordance with each league’s specific rules; To award prize monies and other prizes as outlined herein.

Some of the duties described in this section may be handled through the software, and not directly by the Commish.