In the previous two seasons we posted our own depth charts, focusing on everything but OL and special teams tacklers. But we must admit, this is one of the few areas where we always felt a bit inadequate.

Although our info was as accurate as any, and fantasy-specific, we found that others on the web were doing this better than us. One of our missions is to do things better (in our opinion) than anyone, and since we have to admit defeat in this area, we’d like to instead point you to those who are on top of the depth chart stuff better than anyone.

Below you’ll find an alphabetical listing of a select few sites whose depth charts have proven over the years to be accurate, timely, informative, and detailed enough to chase us out of the depth chart business. Tell ’em FFDigest sent you.

Ourlads’ Scouting Services has such a good depth chart system that stopped doing their own and instead just links to Ourlads now.

The Sporting News has been our editor’s favorite sports publication since the 1970s. Their NFL depth charts continue their excellent tradition.

Certainly there may be others. Even (operated by CBS) only goes two-deep and is too often out of date. These above are the two who we have found to be the tip-top best of the best for several years in a row now. Bookmark ’em, or remember you can always find ’em through