Each league will have 12 owners; however we reserve the right to form a smaller league(s) if league signup process fails to result in 12 owners for any particular league. No league shall have fewer than TEN teams. If any league’s draft day is approaching and fewer than 10 teams have signed up, the owners will decide what course of action to take, whether to join other league(s), continue as a small league, or refund fees and disband. (We have never had to operate any league with fewer than 12 owners, although our first High Roller League several years ago started out as two such leagues that had to combine forces to reach 12 owners.)

In order to receive league reports and submit lineups, each owner shall be required to maintain an active e-mail account throughout the season. The owner is responsible for submitting any address changes to the commish; we are not responsible for lost or misdirected e-mail.

We only operate family-oriented, G-rated fantasy leagues, and expect owners to respect one another. All team names and all league communications are expected to conform to this standard: No swearing or inappropriate communications of any kind. The first obvious infraction of this rule will result in a 10% penalty deducted from that owner’s score the following week, although the Commissioner reserves the right to issue an initial warning in some instances. After the initial 10% penalty, a second occurrence will result in automatic expulsion from the league with no appeals process. Good-natured trash talk, however, is encouraged and expected; other than that, let your results do the talking.

In all leagues, a close eye is paid to starting lineups that may be considered “throwing a game.” There is sometimes a temptation, when out of the playoff hunt, to purposely lose to secure a better draft spot by submitting a starting lineup with injured players, bye week players, backups, etc. Sometimes an owner will taint the playoff hunt by doing this even if it doesn’t affect the team’s draft status for the following year. This will not be tolerated. The Commish will, at his sole discretion, alter any such lineup so that the best possible lineup will be used, and the owner will not be allowed to rejoin that league for the following season. This is an act of extreme poor sportsmanship and cowardice that is inexcusable.

All league-related e-mail (or message board post) in each league is to be sent leaguewide to all owners, except private trade talks, sensitive mail such as to report abuse to the Commissioner, or to make a complaint of some kind. Starting lineups, draft picks, waivers, general trading block ideas, etc., are to be sent to everyone in the league wherever applicable. This is the responsibility of the team owner and originator of each message.

Any person may own two or more fantasy franchises; however, no person may own two franchises in the same fantasy league.