Fantasy Football Digest is owned and operated by a company whose primary business is representing athletes in their professional negotiations. You might say we’re owned by Jerry Maguire.

Content for Fantasy Football Digest, both for its website and its premium subscription e-zine tipsheet, is provided by The Winning Drive, a collective of fantasy football champions who share your passion for the game.

The publishing editor of Fantasy Football Digest is Brian Hulett.

Brian was first paid to write about sports in the late 1970s as a stringer for the Arkansas Democrat, covering high school football. He has worked in the media for most of his adult life, in various capacities.

A card-carrying member of the Pro Football Writers of America, Brian won the 1999 national championship of fantasy football in a competition of over 1,000 fantasy owners. He finished the 2001 FanEx regular season as the only one of 24 owners with more than 10 wins, and was the highest-scoring owner in the “Live Draft” league.

This space is to say farewell to Terry Cannon, known to all as “TC.”

A charter member of FanEx, the longest-running and still most discussed “experts” fantasy football league in existence, TC was also a charter member of our team, but this year has joined the staff of Fantasy Sharks. As with another departed charter staffer and FanExer, Greg Kellogg of, he will be missed though we carry on with joy.

John Beck is the third member of our staff of champions.

“JB” rose to fame as the winner of FanEx’s 1997 postseason contest, and followed that up by winning his local league three years in a row.
JB has been on board since The Winning Drive was formed in early 1998. His humor and strategic insights are a cornerstone of our style, and he has played a major role in assisting our readers to new heights of success in their own fantasy leagues.